Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Coachella Two Thousand and Eight

I'll start with the favorite things I saw this weekend:

You can find her on lastnightsparty.com

Mr. Adam Frankel wearing all white

Possibly the only other guy wearing a bow tie thank god.

I really feel like text isn't needed on this one.

"Take a picture of the moneyist guys at the party" is what they told me to do. So I did. So now I can quote them and you can laugh at them.

You will most likely run into Meleksah if you party in San Francisco.

Ashley and I go all the way back to high school. I just met Jessica, but she was one of the best people to meet over the weekend. She calls me "The Gardener".

This girl even looks cute with a mustache. I've seen it.

So much love for this girl. We will lose her to New York soon unfortunately...

Jimmy and Matt Costa. It was strange, I was just watching his music video on my Virgin America flight to LAX on my journey to Coachella. 

This reminds me of Mike when he made a heart out of shaving his chest and wrote with a Sharpy "I" above the heart and "Jaso" underneath it for his birthday.

So Random

Meet Alexis. I asked her if I could photograph her and she got up and walked over to where I wanted to shoot no questions asked. I finally understand the phrase "Make Love to the Camera." For me, it was a tiny fraction of a glimpse of the ease to photograph subjects real fashion photographers experience.

From Austria... I was in love with the way she was wearing that Scarf.

Marylouise of Posso the Spat... Amazing creations they have over there... A must on your shopping list.

Another one of those that grab me to take photos instead of the contrary. 



I will continue working on the rest later... Be patient.


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these are beautiful

Meagan said...

Im number 1?? That is the best picture of me? you cant even see the back! =)