Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I was climbing the hallway in my apartment building like Spiderman this weekend and noticed a knife stashed on top of my door. It's still there. Another oddity to add to The List.

The List:

-Sketchy neighbor down the hall drunk, shirtless and shoeless outside with a foot long knife in his hand looking for someone to kill.
-Broken glass and blood everywhere (walls, stairs, little puddle here/there) in my apartment building accompanied by two men bleeding from the head.
-4PM muggings outside my window accompanied by a later 9PM mugging only 10 feet away from the original.
-Neighbors across the alley are crack dealers.
-The pigeons attracted to the chicken bones my crack dealing neighbors throw out their doors and windows.

BAY TO BREAKERS... Is anyone running it? It might be my first running event in more than 5 years. It will taste so delicious if... Fuck it. I'm going to sign up right now. No more might or ifs.

I just registered.

1 comment:

allyjoe said...

this is the same alley way you make me stand outside of alone at night while u ignore my calls. Asshole. <3