Friday, August 14, 2009

Gone. Missing. Roaming.

Thoughts wandering, minds traveling, people wondering. It seems I have walked away from you. The urge from which you existed is inside an imaginary pile of things to do sitting on an overflowing desk in my head. Your sole purpose was to be a vessel, a communication instrument of the act of sharing, and share I did. It started with fashion and the random bits of knowledge I found intriguing and interesting or peculiar enough to be shared. Another reason was because of the lonesomeness of that period in my life. The people I would usually engage in sharing random information with were gone and over 400 miles away and I was alone living a crack alley. Then, you transformed. You became less interested in others interests and became more interested in yours, or more vented. You shared thoughts and you shared your eyes. Now, it has become the unshare option that seldom comes up on your computer screen. You have become disk space. You store and keep. Your owner has become disinterested and hasn't found you interesting enough to play with lately. Truth is, he was discouraged. The human behavior to compare unsurprisingly led to unhappiness which then led to an individual too discouraged to share. But, I have things to share. Months do not go unattended without the interesting occurring. I have nothing else to say.

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