Friday, July 4, 2008

Nation's highest ranking military officer calls for diplomacy with Iran, not military force

WASHINGTON - It could turn out to be one of the most significant comments of the 2008 campaign — but coming just ahead of a holiday weekend, it isn’t getting much notice.

Upon his return from a visit to Israel and Europe, the nation’s highest ranking military officer warned Wednesday that a military strike on Iran would be a very bad idea.

“This is a very unstable part of the world, and I don't need it to be more unstable,” said the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Michael Mullen.

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Fucking shit, finally someone says/does something that gives me more hope that all hell/shit isn't going to break out. Although I have high hopes/beliefs that heavy military confrontations (note, I did not leave out minor... remember that close call in January?) will not occur, could you imagine if shit did go down? 

The current policy of the childish "silent treatment" does and will not work. It's easily comparable to an argument/disagreement between individuals. By not talking, time that could have been spent working out problems and spent on post problem relationship building (economic growth through trade, more friends in the middle east) is wasted.  

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