Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Civic Musical Road by Honda

From Wikipedia:

"The Civic Musical Road was built on Avenue K in Lancaster, California, United States, on 5 September 2008. Covering a quarter mile stretch of road between 60th Street West and 70th Street West, the Musical Road used grooves cut into the asphalt to replicate the William Tell Overture. It was paved over on 23 September due to nearby residents complaining to the city council about noise levels; but after further complaints from city residents about its removal, work began to recreate it on 15 October 2008 on Avenue G between 30th Street West and 40th Street West, two miles away from the nearest residence. It opened two days later."

So amazing. If I were still living in Southern California and still driving my Honda Civic, I would probably take people there on a random note just to surprise them. Sometimes I have a mental daily dictionary which I myself provide the definitions of certain words to. Today, this would be under creativity.

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