Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Volkswagen Sunday

So I am supposed to chill for 24 hours, not do anything active and not eat Tapatio or anything spicy. Problem. Me and Tapatio... WE LIKE THIS (raises right hand and makes a cross with the middle and index finger) SON.

Sunday was nice. Cory sat outside parked with his 1962 Volkswagen Bug running until I woke up from a combination of the sound of the running engine and the voicemail I received from him. "Hey. Do you want to go off-roading?" he said from below. "Sure" I replied with my head sticking out the window. I put on the most expendable pieces of wardrobe I own, swapped the lens on the camera, and then I was out there door and we were on the road.

I like it when photographs can look like paintings.

There is so much people have yet to see outside of the city of San Francisco.
Go. Venture out. Explore. Breathe.

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Anonymous said...

let's go for an adventure!!
x elise