Saturday, March 15, 2008

Knights of Valencia

You would think that living in San Francisco with how liberal it is and accepting of different cultures that you would find people more accepting of wardrobe and apparel... It is comparable to Huntington Beach surprisingly. I get people loving the way I dress, confused by the way I dress or cannot simply stand the way I dress. It is something that surprised me though...

I posted this earlier tonight on MySpace:

"it is certainly interesting getting your attention called by hearing right below you "put you hands against the wall!" i took watch from above without being noticed as officers searched and found crack rocks and twenties on the alley pavement. it was peculiar to watch that because the station was within such close proximity, there were no police cars so instead of being driven away, they walked the handcuffed four their last five hundred feet to their next few years of incarceration."

About the recent news on the rioting in Tibet... It is obviously upsetting, but it phases me how China can see itself as a modern and developing country that is soon to host the Olympics while continuing to disregard so many human rights. I just cannot see the word modern without human rights somewhere alongside it. I did want to visit China, but being reminded of these issues make me withdraw my want to travel to China...

I met a half Vietnamese and Chinese man tonight who owned one leg and a wheelchair. It was not the first time I had seen him or seen him in that place in front of the bar. I usually refrain from giving money if the individual looks like he/she is on drugs but I agreed to under the condition that I go with him to buy food. We walked on Valencia Street towards the street dog cart but every so while he would ask just for the money. I would tell him no. I told him I will go with him and buy the hot dog, just so I chit and run driver. I had asked him if he receives disability and he said that he has gone to 4 couan ensure the money goes towards food. He told me he lost his leg right there on 16th St. and Mission to a rt dates and 2 more he will receive disability payments. After he got the hot dog, he asked for more money so I gave him a dollar more. That one dollar sent him home so he did not have to ask for money in front of the bar anymore. After that I ran into this big black dude I always see as I am on my way coming from or going to the BART station. He is always around the BART station chillin' there with his stereo always blastin' good tunes. His appearance is always dope and he is always in a good mood. Whenever we run into each other it is always a "Heeeeeeey Maaaaaaaan Whaaaaaat's Uuuuuuup?" sort of deal with a handshake or two. Actually tonight he went to kiss me on the cheek. I am not sure if he is on drugs or not or homeless. Tonight he introduced me to his wife. He also told me that I am safe here as if he were the boss or head honcho of the block which made me feel protected and looked after but most importantly making me feel more at home.

I'm going to try to scan and post on here the four rolls of film I developed this week that I had shot with my Holga...

Earlier today was pretty nice. I met some random girl at school by complimenting her shoes and ended up going to see Semi-Pro with her at the movies later in the day. I occasions like this when there is no reputation or history to base judgement on, just what is in front of you right then, none of the bullshit that distorts our usual perception of people... 

I have a huge crush on Coco Rocha... and every other supermodel. For some reason, her Irish dancing gives her an edge to me. Don't ask because I cannot explain. 

Regarding tonight... Elbow Room= Boring... Delirium= Boring... Double Dutch was fun because the music was better to dance to but there were no attractive girls. Everyone dresses like a bike messenger when they go out, carrying the same brand of bag and all. 

Here's a nice Calvin Harris remix I found on 

I am pretty excited about seeing Boys Noize tomorrow night. The last time I saw them was over a year ago at Safari Sams with Para One. Boys Noize is one of my favorite electronica acts. Some of my favorite songs / remixes from them include: "Oh", "& Down", "Lava Lava", "Arcade Robot"... remixes of "Banquet" by Bloc Party, "Personal Jesus", "My Moon My Man", "Shadowbreaker", "Dudun-Dun"... Something about the sound Boys Noize hooks into my intestines and pulls me with every pulse or beat. 

A video snapshot taken earlier this week:


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