Sunday, March 16, 2008

Three people gunned down one block away.

You hear about these things all the time but usually it does not effect you. About two hours ago it happened according to some random dude in front of the pizza place I just got a slice from. He told me one guy got shot in front of Poncho Villas (a place where my mom and I recently ate at) and the other two got gunned down in the alley a few feet away as they tried to run. It feels so close for some reason, most likely because I walk over the steps where the shooting occurred a few times a week. Ironic especially because of last night how I commented on how this guy told me I was safe in this neighborhood. Anyway, Boys Noize was great of course but I had to leave early or not so early so I can train tomorrow morning. I met some interesting people and saw some people I knew, most interestingly, a girl that graduated from a high school right next to the high school that I went to. Well, I am off to bed.

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