Thursday, April 3, 2008

Comme des Garcons to collaborate with H&M for Fall 2008

My friend Rocco over in Tokyo brought me the exciting news that Comme des Garcons will collaborate with the fashion giant H&M for a Fall collection. This is great news for many fans of fashion. I have always loved H&M for their way of making fashion affordable and obtainable... It is no wonder why the company currently has 1,500+ stores in 28 countries.

I wish I could get into Comme des Garcons and about how great the line is and their philosophies but I can't, I am simply too hungry and must go eat. If you know, there is no need for me to explain. If you don't know, then take my word for it and "google" it. I am very excited but there are two downsides: the wait until Fall and the stampede created when collaborations hit H&M stores.

Hopefully I will be able to obtain the pieces that I want from this collection. 

One disadvantage: I'm not sure which stores will carry it and it may be possible that San Francisco or wherever I am at will not receive the collaboration. 

One advantage: I don't think many people in San Francisco know what Comme des Garcons is.

Here are some designers that have collaborated with H&M in the past:
- Karl Lagerfeld
- Stella McCartney
- Solange Azagury-Partridge (jewlery designer)  
- Victor and Rolf
- Madonna?
- Roberto Cavalli (I read about the chaos that went on in the stores when this was released... The people waiting outside for hours before the store opening... Only to have the collection gone in less than an hour, maybe half an hour... Insane) 

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