Monday, April 7, 2008

In the news today...

Kids leap from runaway bus

Yup... You know you're fucked when the bus you were driving is now down the street rolling away with kids jumping out of it.

Paris protests force cancellation of torch relay

Whoa... Cops in Paris are on ROLLERBLADES!

I can't help to think of Terry from Reno

Torch protestors scale Golden Gate bridge

It is crazy to realize that this sort of stuff is happening so close to me. It is world news that is occurring within mere miles of me... Something that I am not used to. Wednesday is going to be very crazy. It will be the only stop of the Olympic torch relay in North America, and of all cities, it will be San Francisco. I assume there will be hundreds/thousands of protestors and probably some attempts to extinguish the flames with things like fire extinguishers like in Paris.

By the way... Did you catch in the article that one of the guys was on his cell phone while he was dangling from the bridge? I can see the message of "Refrain from cell phone use while driving" applied to here... only it would be something different like... "Please refrain from cell phone use while climbing the Golden Gate Bridge to display giant banners protesting Chinese human rights."

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