Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Little Things Count

It really is beautiful seeing a community so active and so in control. It is the complete opposite of where I grew up. What I always held in high regard and was enticing to me is how everyones voice is audible, which was one incentive for my move to San Francisco, even though I don't speak much. It is as if every resident was given a megaphone for living here and can turn it on and have people listen whenever they like.

San Francisco- the best soil to grow any idea in.

One post bitches about the city, the other post praises the city. It's a love/hate relationship really.

On another note, I heard all the signs for Bush St. here in San Francisco have been covered with signs that say Obama on them.

Today is a beautiful day.


Anonymous said...

I can think of thousands of companies more offensive to have in one's neighborhood than an American Apparel. Don't SF hippies have anything better to do? AA actually is a really well run company that employees thousands of factory workers in LA at a fair wage... Can't actually see how having an AA store is so terrible in terms of anti-corporate/bigbox/etc. Sure if you don't like their marketing or their clothes, thats one thing.. Seems like a waste of time when there are bigger fish to fry

Eugene Kim said...

the thing is... valencia street only has locally owned businesses and there are already two american apparels in san francisco. it is of utmost importance for the residents of san francisco's mission district to keep valencia street a locally owned business avenue... i agree, american apparel is a great company and i do believe in its philosophy but sometimes, u just want to keep it local and home grown.