Thursday, February 26, 2009

On Repeat

I still feel reservation about what to post. I'm just going to let it slide off my fingers.

In a disgusting and habitual manner, I have played a song 47 times. While not unusual at first, the fact is, I had my first listen just earlier today.

So I shall share it:

Yazoo- State Farm

Where have I been lately? Have I been away from a computer? No. I'm still here, still inside a straitjacket woven from my thoughts.

From what little opinion and comment I used to post to compliment a subject or topic I was sharing, I now have no voice, just a finger pointing at a subject.

I now go to bed before 1am which is quite the drastic change for a naturally nocturnal being like myself. I am working on my fitness... he's my witness. I am back on the bike which changes... almost everything? I now go to bed early, I sleep at least 9 hours a night, I don't wait until 5pm to consume liquid or food and I am now eating like my other side, because I am on my other side. Like a pancake that has flipped, so have I. My goal is to gain 5lbs and to be in competitive form. I have strayed away from alcohol and I now consume an almost all organic diet. Things are looking up on this side of the grass, but not so much on the other side.

Notice anything? No photographs. Neither mine or others have recently surfaced here on this oh-so-fine blog of mine. What does that mean? A lot. It means a lot that needs simply to change and reconfigure.

I think I'm going to make this vessel of communication a more personal one which goes somewhat along the lines of why it was created. I get A LOT of alone time. With relocating came the absence of friends to communicate the things you want to communicate to. I haven't spoken to anyone face to face other than a waitress or someone like that since Sunday. I live alone in a depressing studio apartment in a depressing section of Clarion Alley.

You know, I've always known I was weird. I've been thinking deeper and heavier on it and realize how much is suppressed. I rode my bicycle on Monday for over 5 hours. I rode through forest and rain, countryside and city. I spoke to farm animals, myself, rapped, beatboxed, whistled Kanye West, spoke to my surroundings (blades of grass) and quoted Denzel Washington- "King Kong ain't got shit on me" in a very loud and... loud voice. My point I am trying so hard to reach, is that there aren't many people that really understand me. But the ones that do, I love the shit out of them. Regardless if they are or are not like me, as long as they understand me, that is all I need. And for the ones that do not understand me or have yet to, I don't think you'll matter much until you do.

Photos from the amazing ride I did Monday:

Some 30 miles away from SF near Nicasio.

On my way back... Somewhere between Mill Valley and Sausalito

I am on Twitter now and I am following: Lance Armstrong, Johan Bruyneel (Lance's coach), Levi Leipheimer (cyclist), Rainn Wilson, Robin Williams (he rides with Lance), Tina Fey, Shaquille O'Neal, Bone Meryl and Alyjaa.

I really need a tiny take-with-me-anywhere digital camera... and a Canon 5D Mark II.

The song is on 56 plays now... and it hasn't counted the plays on it at the gym.


Oh... and here's my favorite photographs this week from last week's Tour of California:


and here's my favorite video:



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