Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First Time Was A Charm

I believe this was the first night I met my good friend Kara Jones and one of the first times someone had photographed her in a non-casual manner. This was sometime in the spring of two thousand and seven and it was one of those rare cold nights in Huntington Beach. I wore my black Adidas high school track shorts and a white t-shirt I had purchased in Prague in August of 2005. The t-shirt had childish graphics with a childish phrase on it and a saftey pin on the side to fix the way it didn't fit my body, despite it being a child's t-shirt. I don't recall if it was Jimmy or myself whose athleticism opened the gate to the pool. #087149 just flashed in my mind but that is the code for a friend's gated community, a different gated community.

Anyway, she is a sweetheart, a true child at heart and a dishonorable member of the Department of Motor Vehicles. She is currently in Milan modeling and away from being behind the wheel of a car.