Monday, December 15, 2008

The Overdue

I'm sick, again. I get sick on the weekends and only on the weekends now. I look at my current state of illness as inevitable because of my overwhelming desire to ride my bike in the rain. Either way I was going to be sick on Monday if I did or did not ride my bike in the rain on Sunday. It is a fetish, this rain thing. I get an unfathomable amount of pleasure from being in the rain. My mother had once yelled at me for not wanting to get in the car when she had tried to save me during my walk home from school in the rain. It simply makes me feel alive.

These are mainly from Halloween weekend and are, well, however long it's been since Halloween, that is how due they are.

My funky and fresh friends: Bjork, Joe the Guido, Tara & Jessica

I haven't used this caption in a while: SO HOT RIGHT NOW.

Why are Asians soo gurribbo(guh-ree-bo a.k.a. gullible)? "Yes, the woman with the swan around her neck and the man in the wife beater are models."

Cory and his dog lived with me for a while. When I first moved to San Francisco, I lived with him and his dog for a while. He lived just a few blocks away in the 8th grade and he lives just a few blocks away from me now. He's probably the person that is most upset with hipsters. Why? Because he's been wearing flannel, Ray-Ban's, Vans & deck shoes his entire life. It's okay Cory, to me you won't blend in with the thousands.

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