Friday, May 16, 2008

And the more recent Holga pictures...

Currently living in Chicago, K.M.D. (Kristina Marie Dove) was in San Francisco when the airline she was supposed to travel back on went bankrupt. I met this girl on the first day of 8th grade at Dwyer Middle School in Huntington Beach.

At Yum Yum House right around the corner from my apartment... I am so very disappointed they shut down... Unbelievably disappointed.

Kat Kerry

Bouncer putting more bounce in the ounce.

Ice Cream Kat.

monster in my kitchen...

Boss Jimmy in Palm Springs

Elly spraying Holly


Durkin said...

these pictures are awesome, Very clean and have good composition! congrats :)

kristina said...

yum yum house closed?!

what a shame.
i've never seen such purple eggplant!

kimsvedberg said...

I LOOOVE IT. really nice pictures, i never succed with making the pictures look old-new kinda.