Wednesday, May 14, 2008

First time riding since March 26th...

oh i hope im not screwed for the ride. i have 17 days left to train. oh and to let u know, the ride is 545 miles of 7 days SAN FRANCISCO TO LOS ANGELES ON BICYCLE. i did a little over an hour on the trainer today while watching beverly hills ninja. max heart rate 195... i kept it between high 140s to mid 160s... i really need to crunch this week because i know i'll have to taper off as the ride get closer. hmm... hopefully my body can survive what i intend to throw at it this week and hopefully i do throw something good at it. good luck eugene? oh... and fundraising is going so not well. as you can see . oh and good luck.

this is what my trainer looks like:

and this is what my knees look like:

and this is what amazingness looks like:

Donate if you can please. Link people or something...

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just ask me said...

I remember that picture I have one right by my bed side, where did you get your? HA HA